Mary O’Callaghan, Director Of Oscailt Integrative Health Center

Mary O’Callaghan

Mary (MA, MIAHIP) has always been interested in the many ways we choose to live a life and is curious about the various perspectives from which we give meaning to our life. This curiosity led her to explore the varieties of psychological traditions, both eastern and western. In her early 20s she went to India where she spent 8 years living in Buddhist monasteries undergoing intensive training in Buddhist psychology and philosophy. After leaving monastic life she settled in London where she trained as a psychotherapist (Humanistic/Jungian) and developed a busy practice where, working in a GP surgery, she came face to face with the challenges posed by stress, depression and anxiety as well as the shortcomings of relying solely on medication. Having returned to Ireland in the early 2000s, Mary has concentrated on developing mindfulness training alongside her psychotherapy practice. Since establishing Oscailt in 2006, Mary has brought mindfulness-based courses to several thousand people, the results of which convince her more and more of the power of mindfulness practices not alone to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression but also to bring peace, insight and well-being into the lives of so many people.

Meb Berney, mindfulness instructor at Oscailt.

Meb Berney

Meb (B.Sc., H.dip.Ed, H.dip.) has been practising mindfulness for the past eight years. She trained as a mindfulness teacher at Bangor University in Wales and has been running courses at Oscailt for the past couple of years. Meb is also a qualified science teacher and guidance counsellor. Her work over the past ten years has been in the area of adult personal development. Meb has been teaching mindfulness in a variety of different contexts including secondary school students, adults returning to education, people who are out of work and in prisons. Her interest in mindfulness centres on its ability to allow the individual to reconnect with the moment-to-moment experience of living in the present moment. Meb taught science for many decades and she is keenly interested in the ongoing scientific studies showing the profound effect that the practice of mindfulness can have on both mental and physical well-being.

Fidelma Farley, Mindfulness instructor at Oscailt.

Fidelma Farley

Fidelma (PhD) worked as a lecturer for fifteen years before becoming a mindfulness trainer. She learned to meditate in 2004 and has had a consistent practice of mindful meditation since then. Her mindfulness practice has both enhanced and transformed her life and her teaching stems from a desire for others to have the opportunity to experience similar benefits.

In the courses she has run, she has seen how mindfulness is particularly effective in allowing people to experience a rich and full life, even though they may be living with difficult circumstances, such as stress, chronic pain or long-term illness. Her courses place a particular emphasis on kindness to oneself and others and on creating a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere. As well as the six-week Mindfulness courses, Fidelma offers courses on Loving Kindness, Mindful Eating, Mindful Parenting and other Mindfulness topics.

Mari Kennedy

Coach, teacher, speaker, inquirer, wisdom-seeker and change-maker Mari Kennedy has been exploring and experimenting with transformation and what it means to live fully alive for the past 12 years.

A Leadership Development Coach, Mindfulness Trainer and Yoga Teacher, Group facilitator and Retreat Leader she continues to be a student of many wisdom traditions and methodologies including Mindfulness & Compassion, Integral Facilitation and Celtic wisdom.

Mindfulness and compassion are at the core of her practice. She creates transformational spaces guiding people back to the wisdom of their hearts and the truth of who they are by transforming all that “appears” to be in the way of living life to its full and highest potential. As a Coach Mari provides a powerful process of mindful self discovery where clients can gain clarity, new perspectives, find their strengths, create a vision for their life and begin to live that vision.

In partnership with Oscailt founder Mary O’Calaghan she has designed a Corporate Mindfulness Training programme which they deliver together. She also facilitates Corporate Leadership Development Programmes, mindful meetings and courageous conversations within organisations. She is a faculty member of the Yoga Room Yoga Teacher Training and leads transformational retreats and workshops throughout the country, and runs private coaching practice.

This Autumn she has been invited to speak on mindfulness at Wellfest, and UCD Student Wellbeing week. Along with individuals her corporate clients include Microsoft, Chartered Accountants Ireland, Theatre Club and Rothco.

Mari Kennedy Contact Details

Telephone: (087) 915 0264




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