This is a four hour class that teaches self-compassion, an integral but often overlooked aspect of mindfulness.

What is mindful self-compassion?

Self-compassion is the cornerstone of emotional healing. It means we acknowledge our suffering and know how to respond to it appropriately. It involves bringing a mindful awareness to our darker emotions, be they sadness, helplessness, stress, anger, shame or inadequacy and experiencing them as they are without aversion and without judgment. It also includes being able to forgive ourselves, our mistakes and our shortcomings.


Course Time and Booking Information

  • There are currently no events scheduled for the Self-Compassion course. Please check again at a later date or call our office to see if we have information on future dates.

Why do we deny ourselves compassion?

Modern culture makes it difficult for people to practice self-compassion. Consumerism teaches us that we are incomplete unless we buy a particular product or subscribe to a certain service. It robs us of our self worth and sells it back to us at a price. We are encouraged to be self-critical in order to strive and to achieve. People suppress self compassion because they think they’ll become passive and unmotivated. They set themselves lofty goals and punish themselves when they fail to live up to their unreasonably high expectations.

People also tend to hold onto the criticisms of their peers and caregivers in their formative years and carry the pain with them into adulthood. Their inner critic becomes their tormentor, lambasting them with harsh words and reprovals they wouldn’t dare impart on someone else.

Compassion is a concern for the alleviation of suffering of the self and others. Too often people equate self-compassion with selfishness. The truth is that a balanced individual knows that the right amount of self love is not the same as immodesty. They neglect to self-soothe when they are going through difficult experiences. With self-compassion we learn to embrace ourselves whether we are at the pinnacle of success and happiness or at our life’s lowest ebb.

The role of mindfulness in self-compassion

Self-compassion is an integral part of mindfulness practice. It provides us with the safety needed to mindfully open up to our pain. Experiencing and embracing our inner pain allows us to empathise with the afflictions of humankind, broadening our perspective so we are no longer alone in our suffering. It is an important instrument for understanding ourselves and others in that it challenges the illusions brought about by self-centred isolation. This course will provide you with the tools necessary to overcome your inner critic, accept the limitations of being human and live more peacefully with yourself and those around you.

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