Mother and son in wheat-field.

Mindful Parenting –  for all who care for children.

Being a parent is one of the most joyful but also one of the most challenging roles we can occupy. Bringing a mindful, kindly attention to our roles as parents will enhance our relationships with our children – by being more aware of our own habits, we are less reactive and more fully responsive to our children, and we appreciate them more fully. This workshop will introduce you to ways of cultivating a mindful attention to yourself as a parent, to your children, and to the dynamics of the relationship with each other.

This course is open to all who care for children and teenagers, including parents, grandparents  and child care workers.


Course Time, Cost and Booking Information

  • There are currently no events scheduled for the Mindful Parenting Course. Please check again at a later date or call our office to see if we have information on future dates.
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