Group of people at a meditation class.

Mindfulness Drop-In Classes Tuesdays & Thursdays At Oscailt

The drop-in meditation classes are for people who have completed a mindfulness based course or for anyone who is interested in developing a mindfulness practice in daily life.  We engage with a variety of mindfulness based practices including sitting and walking meditation as well as a talk on a variety of themes relevant to our everyday life, and which help us to deepen our ways of engaging with ourselves and others.

The classes take place in the Workshop Room, opposite reception. Tuesday classes are led by Mary O’Callaghan while Fidelma Farley facilitates Thursday classes. They begin at 5.45pm with a half-hour sitting meditation and is followed by a talk at 6.15pm.  Due to work commitments some people are unable to make the 5.45pm start and join us instead for the talk, walking meditation and discussion.

So if you are interested in deepening your mindfulness practice why not come along?

There is no need to book. Just show up.


What people are saying about the Tuesday Evening Drop-In Class.

I completed the MBSR course at Oscailt in 2011 and since then have attended the weekly Tuesday evening class. It has been a life changing experience. I find the practice very beneficial, I have improved the quality of my attention, have less stress. It has deepened my peace of mind, insight and wisdom and helped me on my journey of self discovery and transformation. I have also made many lovely mindfulness friends.

I find the Tuesday evenings really stimulating. I always carry things with me to reflect on during the week. I have gone from being reluctant to do the formal practice to really being interested in what insights I discover about myself. So now I make it a priority to sit for a little time every day. Though I do not always notice the changes myself my boyfriend says it is the best thing I have ever done. He says I am more at ease in myself and more fun to be with.

The Tuesday evening class is like a life-line. I have always felt my life to be very intense and I easily get caught up in what is going on. I realise that the way I relate to things causes most of my stress. I have learnt to find space and become more reflective, hence I am a lot more chilled. What a gift!

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