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Mindfulness Contextualised

An exploration of the psychological roots of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is central to Buddhist psychology, a psychology that is compatible with, although different from, Western psychology. The advanced mindfulness course provides an understanding of the psychological matrix from which mindfulness emerges. This knowledge greatly enhance our experience and understanding of the practice of mindfulness. This course will explore:

  • The anatomy of mindfulness.
  • Contrasting Eastern and Western approaches to both well/ill being.
  • The unconscious from Eastern and Western perspectives.
  • Seven factors that support mindfulness.
  • Five hindrances to the cultivation of mindfulness.

Who is this course for?

The course is for people who have already had some training in mindfulness and who are interested in:

  • Understanding the psychological matrix from which the practice of mindfulness emerges.
  • Deepening their personal mindfulness practice.
  • Integrating mindfulness into their existing professional practice.

Course Time, Cost and Booking Information

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  • There are currently no events scheduled for Advanced Mindfulness. Please check again at a later date or call our office to see if we have information on future dates.
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