At  Oscailt we respect the privacy of everyone who visits our website. This page informs you about what cookies are and how we use them. At times it may be necessary to update our Cookie Policy to reflect changes in technology and legislation.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small files that are sent from a website and stored on your computer every time you visit. They are often used to store information that can be retrieved when you return at a later date. It is useful to think of them as a means of storing user preferences. They contain details such as which pages are popular or unpopular or what type of device your are using, e.g smart-phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. They may also detect which browser your browser name version number, e.g. Internet Explorer 11. While cookies can store personal information, they cannot access this unless you provide it, e.g. you may enter your name in a form, provide a contact phone number or email address. Cookies don’t contain viruses and cannot access your files. Most websites have cookies and they are mostly used to improve user experience. They are enabled by default but you can change this behaviour in your browsers settings.


Cookies used on this site.

Necessary Cookies

These cookies enable services that are specifically asked for by the user. Our staff needs this type of cookie when they log in to update information on our site.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies contain statistical information such as page hits or other such data that can be used to improve the site. This information is anonymous as it does not contain any of your personal details.

Third Party Cookies

Some cookies are not set by Oscailt but are generated by other services such as YouTube. We might, for example, embed a YouTube video in one of our pages. Google may want to collect information pertaining to the use of embedded content on our site.  We cannot see information in these types of cookies and have no control over them. You would have to access the third party site for more data about these types of cookies.

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